Shapstik’s Movie Clip of the Week: Unforgiven (1992)

“You were right not to take it Bob. I would have killed you”

My favourite scene from my favourite western of all time. Gritty, dark and very realistic, Eastwood directs what I think is his best film from a genre that has defined his life. Unforgiven explores how the old west dealt with the specter of death and looks at how interwoven violence is in their lives.

I have chosen this scene as it epitomizes the above and I especially love the way Little Bill describes how courage and a steady hand is much more valuable than a ‘quick hand’ or a ‘fast draw’. This is in itself interesting as we were all brought up with the glorified notion that western heroes and legends were by default the ‘fastest hand in the west”. Beauchamp represents the way the lack of literature has allowed misinformation to evolve from the west, with English Bob’s lies about his past making it clear that everything written down cannot be trusted.

The whole scene is class from start to finish and showcases Hackman as one of the best ever actors, with his presence and ability to turn his character into a real western figure. One of the most intimidating characters ever penned in the western genre and a movie that I will simply never stop watching.


Into the Storm (2014)

“That’s the biggest tornado I’ve ever seen”

Unbelievably bad. Not since The Darkest Hour have I reviewed such a terrible film. Anyone hoping it was going to be at worst a poor man’s Twister, will be duly disappointed. Into the Storm seems to have been written without any attempt to even imitate originality. Although admittedly the ending has some pretty impressive visual effects; the script, weak plot and acting of the entire movie just tears at your sanity, niggles at your patience and tests your will to see it out just for the “big storm from the trailer”.

Insulting to almost all inhabitants of Silverton Colorado in tornado valley, the film jumps between poorly executed clichés, abysmal scripting and repetitive action sequences in an awkwardly flowing river of boredom. Not one single character utters anything remotely interesting and the film has the annoying habit of cornering itself with its own visual medium. In other words, the script is often cluttered with “reasons to be still holding the camera”.

Every character has his or her stereotype that they carry along throughout the movie, such as: “Dad who must find his son to make up for not paying enough attention”, or “the tornado hunter out to ‘catch his whale'” . I think I might have this film ready to watch just before Star Wars VII just to make JJ Abrams’ movie seem amazing no matter what.

Shapstik Verdict: A movie that should be ashamed at itself for creating such an over-hyped trailer and lulling the population into thinking the film may be watchable. It would be better if someone just created a video on YouTube with the ‘cool bits’. There are not many, and I would much rather watch the films that Into the Storm constantly steals from to get my disaster fix. 3/10