Insidious Chapter 3: A 60 second review

“No matter what happens. No matter what you see. Stay strong.”

Good horrors are still a rare thing these days, with most films of the genre leaning towards jumps and scares over psychological battles of the supernatural. Is Insidious the exception? Don’t be silly, but that doesn’t stop it being a rather enjoyable walk through its haunted corridors…

What I liked…

Genuinely scary, but not in a psychological sense. More an engineered, theme park, haunted house way. Whether this is a good thing may depend on your age, but the use of sound, colours and lighting works really well a lot of the time,…ish.

Surprisingly original when it wanted to be. The sense of dread that comes from clever uses of misdirection and paranoia kept making my eyes look over to the dark corners, expecting another scare. This was especially worrying on a giant cinema screen and with a “screamer” sitting next to me in the theatre.

Sticks to its task well, and I felt the Ghostbusters references towards the end were quite fun, a welcome levity amidst the horrors wearing thin on the screen.

What I didn’t like…

Really slow start, I mean glacial. But then any character development is pointless as the main characters just fall into plot line anyway.

The villain was so badly written it was painful. It didn’t seem to have any motive outside of scaring people. Surely it wouldn’t have taken much to add a twist, maybe the monster could be her mum or something? Sigh…

Won’t win any awards for writing. Except maybe a Razzie.

Verdict: A film that seems to have no real intention to be anything other than a ghost house of clichés. Fun, visceral and creepy, its use of blackness and silence is a well-crafted exercise is scaring people. As a movie though, its story and characters are pretty lame and it spends most of its time referencing its own , and other’s, franchises. 5/10


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