Jurassic World: A 60 second review

“Due to a containment anomaly, all guests must take shelter immediately.”

The trailer that caused the scepticism surrounding Jurassic World could only ever really give us dino fans a sense of direction and a visual teaser. The execution on the other hand, that only comes from the first viewing. All I’ll say is the phrase “pleasantly surprised” escaped my mouth one or two times after walking out of the cinema. Hold on to your Gyrospheres!

What I liked…

Less a sequel and more a homage to the original Jurassic Park, much of the theming and visual easter eggs generally conjure a likeable reaction, much like Abrams’ Star Trek. Perhaps it borders on saturation after two hours, but I enjoyed the strong ties the film proudly displays.

Surprisingly funny, much of it coming from a strong cast that look like they are having a lot of fun with the script. It’s nicely character based and the story is as much about them as the raptors and rexes.

The movie recognised that showing the same dinos doing the same things was never going to fly and instead spends its time, in the first half at least, exploring new ideas such as genetics and training. The science is stretched slightly thin by the end but delivered well when it matters.

What I didn’t like…

Bookended by two pointless scenes and probably twenty minutes too long. Doesn’t help that so much of the action sequences you see would only seem original if you were one of the many kids in the theatre breaking their Jurassic cherry.

CGI. Look, I get that there are countless scenes that just could not be done without its use, but it isn’t even that impressive and I fear those dinos will look pretty dated before too long.

Verdict: Rekindles the sense of wonder found in the 1993 classic and adds its own flavour for the franchise. A fitting sequel that definitely outshines the previously poor franchise filling. Like a fan film, its flaws are forgiven for that sense of fun and parody. 7/10


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