Mad Max: Fury Road. A 60 second review

“Out here, everything hurts.”

Mad Max: Fury Road is, as the name suggests, completely insane. If it wasn’t for the ridiculously high Rotten Tomatoes rating I may well have waited for the download (I mean DVD, ahem) and watched Tommorrowland at the cinema instead. I am glad I didn’t, as Mad Max Fury Road is most definitely a cinema experience, something slightly undersold through the trailers. Anyway, here are my thoughts:

What I liked…

Everything! Ok, not quite everything, but I couldn’t help but fall in love with the gritty, realism of its apocalyptic vision. The testament to the benefits of practical effects is so evident it hurts and the chase through the sandstorm is just plain epic.

The story. It’s about as character-based as you can get, with its varied connections between the people involved, in some cases quite literally through blood transfusions . Casting the original bad guy from the 1979 Mad Max Hugh Keays-Byrne is a stroke of genius and works really well with his bane-esque mask, a creepy cross over considering Hardy’s presence in the movie. Nicholas Hoult is also brilliant again and brings genuine soul to a seemingly inhumane character.

Breathtaking effects and cinematography aside, considering the entire movie is just one giant truck/car/bike/tank movie, it is able to squeeze in some really intelligent writing. Playing with the mixture of values that each character would treasure the most is a very satisfying accompaniment to complete, and utter, carnage.

What I didn’t like…

Not much. I was actually trying to think of bad things on the way home just to remain an objective reviewer, but I just plain struggled. There was a few moments of truck-cabin reflection during the long moments that could have done with editing out to make a shorter movie.

Tom Hardy is slightly outshone and he is really a passenger to the Charlize Theron show. She is superb and I struggle to think of anyone who could have played the role better, perhaps Sigourney Weaver in her day.

Verdict : It’s noisy and a little bit cheesy when it wants to be, but it’s also made me fall in love with car chases again. Simply one of the best action movies I have ever seen . 9/10


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