Shapstik’s Movie Clip of the Week: Jurassic Park (1993)

“What you call discovery, I call the rape of the natural world”

Known as the “lunch debate scene”, I have picked this moment in Steven Spielberg’s 1993 hit Jurassic Park, as it shows just how intelligent the film, and of course its literary source Michael Crichton’s book, actually is. I cannot help but feel that its place in science-fiction, as a genuine window into a world not quite yet discovered, is overshadowed by its contemporary mark on cinema at the time, with its ground breaking effects and suspenseful drama.

Although it is the late great Richard Attenborough leading the discussion, it is the brilliantly cast Jeff Goldblum who heads up the round of questioning on the moral and perhaps dangerous implications of resurrecting such powerful and barely understood animals. In a modern world where private and corporate enterprise wields the real monetary power in the world, it is slightly scary to think this sort of thing could actually be possible. With genetic capability being developed year on year, the movie also makes me wonder whether our tendency to loosen the moral boundaries for the animal kingdom, could see us saving, or perhaps even resurrecting animal species sometime in the near future.


Fortunately though, there is enough dodgy science and poetic license in the film to make me believe that T-Rex will not be gracing the streets of an urban metropolis any time soon. But the film’s stark realism and fantastic acting that is encapsulated in this scene, does have the knack of creating an uncanny feeling of genuine possibility.

Hope you enjoyed my Movie Clip of the Week. Please comment with any ideas!


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