Shapstik’s Movie Clip of the Week: Batman (1989)

 “You understand that the nerves were completely severed, Mr. Napier”

With Heath Ledger’s fabulous portrayal of Batman’s infamous villain still so fresh in everyone’s mind, it is easy to forget just how good Jack Nicholson was at playing the Joker. The genuine balance of levity and pure malice that would flicker over his face really made the film what is was, and it was such a perfect fit alongside Keaton’s stoic Batman, whom I still feel is leagues better than Bale’s husky version.

I have chosen the transformation scene, when the joker first realises how scarred and disfigured he is. Burton absolutely nails the direction, hiding the truth from the viewer’s eyes, instead letting Nicholson’s hysterical reaction and the doctor’s fear tell the story. Watch out for the subtle changes in music that cram so much into such a short scene, which is such a pivotal but inevitable moment in the film.

Hope you enjoyed my clip of the week, feel free to browse some more!

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