Shapstik’s Movie Clip of the Week: Ghostbusters (1984)

“Listen! …you smell something?”

For me, eighties film does not get much better than the library scene from Ivan Reitman’s perennial Ghostbusters.  It is such a perfectly balanced mix of comedy and horror that every line, every turn of the corner is as unexpected as the last. What makes it all work is the polar opposite attitude from the scientists. With Aykroyd’s feverish passion for the science, combined with Murray’s almost disinterested approach.

The intelligent, creepy and iconic music knits all the slightly claustrophobic camera shots together, as the three paranormal investigators shuffle and squeeze through the aisles, following the camera around the corners like a tongue-in-cheek take on Kubrick’s The Shining. The script is nailed on at the right moments to deliver an edgy yet appealing experience that, let’s face it, still scared the crap out of us when the ghost finally makes an appearance.

An iconic scene from a fantastic film, that feels like it was designed with Bill Murray in mind. I hope you enjoy watching it back like I did, and keep an eye out for next week’s Movie Clip of the Week!

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