Shapstik’s Movie Clip of the Week: The Thing (1982)

“It’s weird and pissed off, whatever it is”

John Carpenter’s 1982 masterpiece The Thing is easily in my Top 5 films of all time. That’s not just for horror either, the movie is one of my earliest memories as a young film fan, and the scene when we first see the mysterious canine stranger turn, is for me an excellent example of how to combine science-fiction and horror, with the unseen and unknown coming together in the horrifying image of the grotesque animal. Glistening and writhing, it is simply unforgettable and is just as terrifying now as when I first watched it from behind the sofa all those years ago.

Not only are the visuals memorable, but when the dog/thing lets out that tormented scream, it literally chills the blood. Carpenter is an expert in making the viewer not just relate, but share the experience of the characters. In this case, many of the men are frozen in place by the image, and using the torches to reveal parts of the monster is simply genius directing. My favourite scene from easily my favourite John Carpenter movie, and that includes Halloween!

I hope you enjoyed my Movie Clip of the Week, look out for next time’s!



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