Shapstik’s Movie Clip of the Week: True Romance (1993)

“You got me in a vendetta kind of mood”

One of the best from the late director Tony Scott’s collection, True Romance is an artful display of some of the best performances from an array of actors. But without doubt the best scene from the whole film is Christopher Walken’s interrogation of Dennis Hopper, as he searches for his son Clarence and his “whore” of a wife. It is impossible not to be immediately intimidated by Walken’s cool and polite demeanour and Hopper portrays the mix of emotions that he goes through superbly.

The best part for me, and the turning point of the whole scene, is when Hopper realises his situation. Knowing he cannot lie, and that he cannot guarantee his freedom even if he was to give up his son, decides to end on one of the greatest anecdotes in film history. Requesting his Chesterfield from Walken, the music begins as he describes in damming detail the factual account of Sicilian genetic history. The only thing this does guarantee, is that it will anger Walken to the point of murder, and save him from the inevitable torture that will follow.

It is just one of the those moments in film, when the viewer just shuts up and takes in a classic to and fro between two of cinema’s greats.

Hope you enjoyed my Movie Clip of the Week!

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