Shapstik’s Movie Clip of the Week: Superman III (1983)

“What’s the matter Kent? Too warm for ya?”

Superman III may not be the best of the franchise, but this is one of my favourite scenes across all the films. If anything, it showed Reeve’s abilities as an actor beyond the cheesy smiles and it’s scenes like this one, which makes the third instalment more than watchable for most of its running time. The quick, sporadic drums and haunting echoes work really well, not to mention the great scrapyard backdrop where the good and evil sides to Superman wage war over possession of the body.

When Superman is exposed to the mysterious Kryptonian compound created by Pryor, he goes on a drinking binge that would put most Glaswegian stag nights to shame, tearing up oil tankers and righting leaning towers. But as the effects of the Kryptonite wear off, Kent is plagued by internal guilt, which allows his timid good side to split away and fight back.

The whole scene is really well acted by Reeve, and the unshaven, drunk, ashen faced evil side is a pretty scary enemy, snarling and spitting as they attempt to destroy each other through acid blowing and playing hoopla.  A fantastic scene and the culmination of a great passage in the movie as Reeve looks genuinely evil in his darkened outfit and bleary eyed expressions.

Look out for next week’s Movie Clip of the Week!

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