Shapstik’s Movie Clip of the Week: Tropic Thunder (2008)

“Ok, flaming dragon, f***k face”

One of Tom Cruise’s best performances, and for many unrecognisable as the explosive Les Grossman in the underrated action-comedy Tropic Thunder. I have always been a fan of Cruise, despite his consistent typecasting in action roles, and I have always felt there was more to this loopy guy than first meets the eye. Only Downey Jr can hold a candle as Kirk Lazarus, with his uncanny change in character. But for me Cruise steals the show,  if only for his dance and knowing stare as he slowly nods in the way only Cruise does.

I have chosen this scene for not just its showcasing of Grossman’s character, but because it genuinely looks as if McConaughey’s Peck cannot hold his own in the ridiculous negotiation with the group known as “Flaming Dragon”, before Grossman takes the stage, and holds back before exploding a torrent of abuse. For me, the most hilarious moment comes at the end, when after the tirade, he throws the phone over his shoulder to a speechless Peck and gently asks: “Could you find out who that was please?”. Priceless.

I hope you enjoyed my Movie Clip of the Week, check out my other clips in the links above! 


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