Shapstik’s Movie Clip of the Week: Starship Troopers (1997)

 “Here’s a Tip: Aim for the nerve stem” 

I first watched Verhoeven’s wonderfully satirical bug-basher during a mid-night showing at my local cinema. I did not know what to expect at all as it had, for me at least, flew in under the radar. Johnny Rico and company’s almost comical rise through the ranks serves partway as a simple backdrop to the director’s typically satirical mix of media and military. In fact, I had not fallen in love with one of his films since Robocop, and after the “so bad it’s almost good” Showgirls, it was good to know the Dutchman still had it in his locker.

I have chosen this tiny clip from one of the media-skits within the movie because although it may seem random, it in fact perfectly encapsulates everything the film is about. The use of public announcement and interactive media to give specific military advice about killing an Arachnid is central to the ideal of the movie. Neil Patrick Harris as Colonel Jenkins is probably my favourite character from the entire movie, and his stern and serious demeanour in the face of comic brutality is so perfectly screened it leaves the jaw on the floor, as the viewer is simultaneously shocked and entertained in exactly the way Verhoeven imagined.

A short but clinically ideal clip from a truly unique and marvellous movie, from one of the great modern directors.

I hope you enjoyed my Movie Clip choice! Look out for the next one, and if you have any ideas for future scenes to cherish let me know!


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